Today, dear readers and writers, I am going to cheat.

Why? Because I am a writer and writers do cheat. Because I want to publish a 55 words story and I don’t want to write it.

Why not? Because  I am looking for arguments not to write. I want to write my book, I do not want to write about writing. Not today anyway. That’s the thing that really frustrates me, you know.  I am writing a book and as if that is not hard enough, I have to be a marketeer, I have to position myself on the world wide web, so that readers know I exist.

Why? How did other writers do it, before the web existed?They did not have to bother about publishing and finding an audience and  having a tribe. They could go on writing their book and their editor did the rest for them.  They did not have to do key word searches and study online marketing to be able to publish. So tell me, are we better of now? I really don’t know and I resent it. I do not want to be a marketeer.

Why not?  Because hey, I am a writer, not a marketeer. Because I want to write and if I was meant to be a marketeer, I would be one, and not a writer. If I was meant to be a model, I would have been born extremely beautiful, if I was meant to be a composer, I would hear music in my head, if I was meant to be a genius  I would have been very smart and  a man, if I was meant to be a marketeer, I would have been a bloody marketeer, but I am not. So leave me alone already, you people who tell me about positioning and giving and mailing! I am already giving away my writing, I am giving  you my whining and despair and a lot of self pity.  And I am giving you my compassion, fellow writers. Because there are  more desirable fates.

So today, I’ll publish a 55 words story that I wrote some years ago. It’s one of my favourites:  Triangle”. That’s another thing. I seem to be jealous of myself, of being a good writer once, and now… You know the feeling, don’t you?


Swimming and Writing

Writing contest

With this post, I am participating in the Writing Contest: “You Deserve to be Inspired.” Hosted by Positive Writer.

Swimming and writing

Since we moved from cold Belgium to Spain, I feel obliged to swim as soon as the pool opens, which is in April. Yes, in April!  We may be living in the sunny South of Spain, Andalucía, but the water is still cold in April, I can assure you.

So when I got into the water this morning, I had some kind of inspiration as I thought: swimming and writing have a lot in common. I have to admit though, that  a lot of things seem like writing these days, not only when I am swimming. But hey, writing is an absorbing process and it takes over your life, my life anyway.

So, there it is: swimming and writing.

I’ll do the swimming and you use the metaphor for your writing process.  OK?

1. I shave my legs

Before  I go to the pool, I shave my legs. Who wants to see a woman with hairy legs? Nobody, I guess.  So that’s what I do, when I  am planning to go for a swim.  Even if I don’t have hairy legs, I imagine I do and I shave my legs. Just to be sure.

I almost forgot: I  put on an ugly swim cap, as my hair turned green last summer. I  had to rub ketchup in it, to take the green colour away and I wasn’t too happy doing that. Though I like ketchup on my toasty, my hotdog and my French Fries. Or in mayonnaise.  But not on my hair.

2. I  go down the stairs and swim

No bravery needed, just a short moment of courage. I don’t jump into the water. No. I go down the stairs, feel the water, think that it is cold and start swimming in it, in the cold water. And then I die. I die during two strokes. It’s cold, it’s inhuman, I’ll never do it again … and then it’s over. It feels good. It feels really good.

I don’t feel the cold any more, only the water that carries my weight.

3. I fly   

Did you ever notice that swimming feels like flying? I do. When I am swimming, I’m becoming lighter and lighter and lighter, till I get the feeling that the water isn’t there anymore, that I am flying, that I’m happy and free.

Till my muscles hurt or till I swallow some water. Then reality makes me cold and heavy again.

But when I don’t feel like leaving the pool, I do continue swimming.

4. I save the occasional frog

I am not a particular fan of frogs, but when I see one, poisoned by chlorine and struggling in the water,  or floating on the surface, I get out of the pool, take the net that hangs on the wall, fish the frog out of the water and release him in  the grass.

One good deed a day and sometimes more. When there are a lot of frogs, like in April.

Some frogs survive, some die, some were already dead when I fished them out of the water. Poor frogs!

5. I add some swim laps every day

In the beginning of April, I start with twelve laps a day , then I add one or two  every day and, as I am lazy, I usually stop at  twenty.

Sometimes I swim  another twenty laps the same day. At another moment. When I feel like it.

6. I feel really good, hope you feel good too!

At a certain point, I decide to leave the pool. It’s when I am feeling tired or having arm muscle cramps or being hungry or  simply wanting to do something else.

One thing is certain: I feel satisfied. I feel satisfied that I went to the pool, braved the cold water,  continued to swim when I did not feel like it any more or simply because I swam the laps I wanted to swim.

And when I feel like it, I can always come back to the pool.

But whatever the case, I feel good. I feel really good!

I do hope you feel  good too, beloved fellow writer! I wish you lots of success.

Hubris allowed…

As I am adding a new 55 Words Story, a pattern seems to reveal itself.

It is called Hubris allowed, but at your own risk.

All the stories, or the titles anyway, can be applied on writing. Hubris, or being very proud, too proud even, is  dangerous for a writer. I am a proud person, so this could be a risk for me, as I do not take criticism very well. I seem to think that I am right and the others wrong, in many cases.

On the other hand,   I am very critical for myself and  that can be devastating too, as it makes me doubt about my capacities as a writer.

So i’ll conclude, as today’s lesson, that it is not wrong to be pleased with my writing and that others can have a different point of view, or even may be right. A very hard lesson to learn.




I just wrote a knew 55 Words story and guess what? It turned out to be the favourite word of a starting writer. Procrastination.

A difficult word too.  And hard to escape it.

It is true that I do it and I guess you do it too.  So let’s motivate each other and let’s continue writing that book, now. Now!

Good luck to you all, beloved readers and writers.

Bad Joke

Today I wrote  a new 55 words Story and I called it “Bad Joke”

Now I am looking at the title, writing could turn out to be a bad joke too, so let’s hope not. Sometimes it feels like it, but hey, I am blessed.  Trying to write every day  is nearly the only problem I have. And a toothache.

The universe spoils me, so I really hope I can give something back. To you for instance, my beloved reader and writer.

Enjoy the reading, enjoy the writing. I will too. I can now continue writing my book.







Another 55 Words Story


As I wrote in a previous post,  I write a 55 words story to start my writing process. It is called Sweet revenge”.

I seem to be in a violent mood. I hope it will  pass, otherwise I’ll murder all the characters in my book.

I will start writing a new page in my book now, as I am in a state of flow to put it a bit dramatically. According to my family I am  a drama queen anyway, so that suits me, as a writer. And so I can spin any flaw in my personality into a quality, as long as I can use it for my writing. A bit of viciousness seems to improve my writing too.

I was glad to meet yo again today, fellow reader and writer. I wish you all the luck in the world!

How to Start Writing Every single day – 55 words Story

To start writing every single day

As I said before, to start writing is the most difficult task for me.

It is like going inside for an oral exam, when you know that a jury of six people is waiting for you. It is  like  driving with an instructor aboard who wants you to make mistakes and is pleased when you fail. It is like hearing a teacher say that you will never be a good in maths, which was true by the way. It is like listening to your own voice that says that thousands and thousands of people are writing and that even more books are published and nobody needs another writer with another book.

Shortly it is like writing on an empty page. And empty it is. It is staring blankly to you and you stare at your fingers, ready to type, to type anything on that  indignant white computerpage.

A story of 55 words

Well, here is a trick that works for me. I start typing a word and another word and I make a story of it. A story of 55 words, no less and no more.  It should be a real story with a beginning, a middle and an end.

As soon as I have that story, I can go on with my book and it goes very well. I tried it yesterday and I had a kind of a breakthrough  and  I was so relieved.  To show to you that I am not lying, I will publish the 55 words story that I wrote yesterday. Give me some time because as I said, I am writing in Dutch and have to translate it in English. Let’s hope I won’t have more than 55 words in English!

Ok, I did it. It is not my best 55 words story, but it is the story I wrote yesterday. “Bloody bird” in 55 Words-Stories“. My point is, I wrote it to start writing.

I sincerely hope it works for you too! You can always give it a try. Good luck to you.